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Have you ever caught a Blue Marlin? If the answer is YES then you will understand in full everything I am about to say. There is no other fish in the ocean comparable to the Blue Marlin!

Starting in October and running through until April is Blue Marlin season in Exmouth. By the time the Leeuwin current arrives off our coast Blue Marlin fever is well and truly in full swing. The current brings the bait, the bait brings the Blue Marlin and it's 'game on'! Heavy tackle game fishing at its very best.

Our Blue Marlin fishing grounds are located only a short run out from the Tantibiddi Boat Ramp on the West side of Exmouth; a run of around fifteen minutes. Our close proximity to deep water and the sheer numbers of Blue Marlin swimming these waters makes the Exmouth Blue Marlin fishery world class.

These fish are big, they're explosive, they're angry, yet they're beautiful. A Blue Marlin can rip 300 meters of line from the spoil before you even realise what lure it has eaten! They are insane. There is no better noise in the world than the 'scream' a Shimano Tiagra 80w makes at full pace. Hit and run. Turn and burn. They blaze across the ocean in a series of aerobatics, kart wheels and tail dances. To see a Blue Marlin engulf a lure and leave a hole in the ocean the size of a washing machine, and the craziness of 'what happens next' is truly uncomparable. Black Marlin go hard, but Blue Marlin go harder!

Most of our fish range in size from 100-250kg, these fish aren't small and they're not for the faint hearted, but they are addictive. When you catch one your going to want to catch more. And Exmouth is the ideal place to do it. We run full custom Ian Miller Game rods, fitted with Shimano Tiagra 80w reels, Bonze Lures being our lures of choice. To put it simply; they're unbeatable.

If adrenaline fuelled fishing is what your chasing then Blue Marlin fishing is for you. Blue Marlin fishing is my passion. The first 'run' that a Blue Marlin makes has to be seen to be believed. I never tire of it. I can assure you that these fish won't let you down. They give it everything they've got, they are the elite of all gamefish.

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